What are my teaching values?

I recently listened to a talk by Judith Hanson Lasater, where she spoke about effectively teaching beginners. In this talk one of her points was that as a teacher we should have our teaching values clear in our minds, to be able to utilise them in the class setting. This got me thinking! What are my teaching values?

I believe that teaching values are always evolving. When you first finish your yoga teacher training the main focus is on being able to safely deliver a class that is interesting and your students enjoy. As the skill of delivering a class develops and becomes more natural, I have been thinking more about how I am teaching, what are my intentions, how can I keep my teaching moving forward, whilst remaining true to my own values?

Judith Hanson Lasater encourages us to come up with 5-7 teaching values, so here are mine!! (In no particular order)

  • Always aim to encourage students to challenge themselves and build confidence. 
  • Teach individually, within a group, creating inclusion, integration and connection.
  • Always be mindful and teach with kindness and compassion. 
  • Teach authentically, allowing my individuality as a teacher to shine through. 
  • Keep a beginners mind! We are all learning together (I just happen to be leading the sequence – I learn as much from my students as I do in my own practice)
  • Allow students to make their own discoveries, explorations and connections. 
  • Keep it fun!! 

How to deal with conflicting feedback? Suggestions?

So today I taught a class and one of the students said she thought it would be better if I explained each pose in more detail and use the names of the poses less. However, last week a student told me I explained the poses too much and that using the names more would allow a better flow.

How do you balance this? I can see both points but in an open vinyasa flow class how do you decide between explaining and flow?

Usually I introduce the flow moving at a slow pace and explaining each pose as we go through before repeating 1 breath 1 movement. I was hoping to accommodate everyone but it seem I’m not catering for anyone!

Both students enjoyed the class and the flows and new elements and transitions they had not come across before. They came out feeling better, lighter, more peaceful etc. I should be happy as that is a successful class but I want to give my students the best experience I can and I’m slightly at a loss as to how to solve this conundrum? Any suggestion?

Love and light

Harri xx