How to deal with conflicting feedback? Suggestions?

So today I taught a class and one of the students said she thought it would be better if I explained each pose in more detail and use the names of the poses less. However, last week a student told me I explained the poses too much and that using the names more would allow a better flow.

How do you balance this? I can see both points but in an open vinyasa flow class how do you decide between explaining and flow?

Usually I introduce the flow moving at a slow pace and explaining each pose as we go through before repeating 1 breath 1 movement. I was hoping to accommodate everyone but it seem I’m not catering for anyone!

Both students enjoyed the class and the flows and new elements and transitions they had not come across before. They came out feeling better, lighter, more peaceful etc. I should be happy as that is a successful class but I want to give my students the best experience I can and I’m slightly at a loss as to how to solve this conundrum? Any suggestion?

Love and light

Harri xx

2 months since qualification update

Wow, I can believe it’s been just over 2 months since I started teaching! I decided to just leap in… sink or swim.

So far I’ve been doing cover work, darting around south London like a woman possessed, getting stressed by transport and the generally hectic nature of getting to different places for a specific time when I’m somewhat directionally challenged!

I am absolutely loving the teaching and all feedback has been positive. I’ve met lots of lovely people which has been great, growing my contacts with people on the same wavelength. 

Students have been asking studio owners when my classes are and even requesting I am offered a regular class. The studio owners have been happy with the feedback and really helpful and supportive, answering my stupid questions happily.

However I still feel like a total newbie, I watched a video about starting to teach and the guy said it takes 108 classes to start to feel comfortable. It’s all practice, like anything!

I know that realistically my teaching is okay and students are stunned when I tell them I’ve only been teaching 2 months but I want to give them the best experience of yoga I can and I’m filled with self doubt after every class. It’s a feeling of utter disbelief when the feedback comes in. However I think this is actually an advantage- I need to learn to accept and enjoy the feedback whilst continuing to grow and hone my teaching skills. Doubt pushes you forwards to help your students without ego. 

Today I taught my first class of my own – restorative flow. Okay only 1 student came but she was lovely and wants to come back next week. Fingers crossed she is the first on many 😊

Check my classes page to see details of class times and booking info. I am also available for private sessions and corporate classes l, if you are interested in those drop me a message!

Love and light

Harri xx