Teen yoga

In teen yoga we start to move towards a more tradition adult class but there are still areas where we use other activities to make some of the trickier aspects of yoga come to life for young people. It is a no pressure environment, giving teens a window of calm in amongst exam stress, competitive sports, social pressures and most of all just the stress of being a teen!

Yoga can help prepare for exams by making study easier! Both sides of the brain are activated meaning both our logic and creative sides are working in unison making use of the full power of the brain. Breath and mindfulness techniques can help with focus so even if there is some ‘drama’ going on they will have the techniques to stay on task when they need to.

There are many physical benefits of finding movement and becoming more aware of the mind body connection. Strength, flexibility, and balance are all affected by the rapid changes the body goes through during puberty up until adulthood and these can be developed whilst learning to see themselves and others in a more compassionate and accepting way.

We emphasise non-judgement and building confidence in the students to counteract the pressures of social media and advertising that they are seeing everyday. In a chaotic and overstimulating world, we give them the tools to help reduce anxiety and give them healthy coping mechanisms the can use both on and off the mat.