Yoga for fertility?

Fertility problems are much more common than most people realise. There are many causes but the majority of people can conceive under the right circumstances. A minority will have a specific medical reason whereby conception is not possible and those people should listen to the advise of their medical team to discover what options are available.

Yoga has many benefits that can help with conception, by getting the body into an optimum state to allow for success in natural conception. If you are undergoing IVF treatment, yoga is still very helpful but avoid any positions with a downward energy such as deep squats like mulasana. Make sure you tell your yoga teacher or any pregnancy yoga teacher if you are undergoing any kind of fertility treatment to get the best advise.

Remember once you do conceive, it is best to stop yoga for the first trimester and think about joining a pregnancy yoga class for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

How can yoga help?fertility-sequence-screen-grab

  • One major cause of fertility issues is stress. Yoga can help to calm the mind and relax, releasing tension in body and mind to de-stress.
  • Yoga helps to increase blood flow to the whole body, most usefully to the reproductive system.
  • Yoga poses (asana) can help to boost immunity. Staying well gives you the best chances.
  • Poses support the reproductive system and stimulate the endocrine system, helping to balance out the hormones.
  • Yoga helps with strength and flexibility of both body and mind.
  • Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle – there is an element of self care, cleanliness and non-harming towards the body. Eating healthily will give the body the nutrients you need and can stabilise mood.
    • Avoid anything too high in sugar, opt for slow release, complex carbohydrates like wholegrains. Eat healthy fats and lots of vegetables and lean protein.
    • Basically avoid anything that will create erratic blood sugar levels as regulating insulin levels helps keep hormones in check.
    • Reduce caffeine and alcohol when trying for a baby as it is best not to risk the adverse effects of these on an undetected fetus – remember it could be several weeks before you realise you are pregnant.
    • Lastly stop smoking – not only are you poisoning your body, it also dramatically reduces fertility.

Here is a short class, safe to practice at home.

(if you are undergoing IVF avoid the squat and just sit on the floor with the spine long.)

Fertility sequence

Most of all, have fun, relax and look after yourself. Fingers crossed the wait wont be too long!

Harri x


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